Lens test 55-200mm VR

We have this lens for quiet long time. But I never used it for portrait at all. Then now I think I need to used it as my new baby lens especially when I did candid for children. As the first used of it, it’s not bad at all. Some of the photos that i could get when i used this lens were shown below.

This time I used aperture mode and it’s not easy to take pictures when kids are always moving around. As they moves a lot, next time I need to use shutter priority mode for moving object like this.  But I do like some photos with enough light like shown below. It’s sharp and also had nice DOF. You can also see some review here. This lens also handy and not too big for telephoto lens. I think I’ll love this lens. The performance is good enough compare with the price. Just need some practice how to used it properly and I’ll get used to with it.

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