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Editing using vintage color

I did used several editing tools to edit my photos, like GIMP, Capture NX and the latest is Lightroom. This time I used Photoshop for editing using vintage tone. This simple tutorial i made for people who wants to make their photo looks vintage. There are lots of tutorial about making vintage tone using photoshop on Youtube if you are interested in it.

1. Original File.



2. Make Duplicate Layer. Set Brightness/Contrast (Here I increase contrast with value +15).  Then set Color Balance. File -> Adjustments-> Color Balance.

To set Color Balance, we should have a lots of experiment to find color tone that we want to make. Here I set all the arrow to the left side.



3. Open Menu File -> Adjustments -> Curve.  Set Curve based on color. For the red color, make curve to the up, for green : make curve to the bottom. And for blue: pull the line on the right side to the bottom and pull the line on the left up. So the line position still transverse with the right side higher than the left side.



4. After find the tone that we like. , we’re going to the next process. Sharpen the image. File->Filter -> Sharpen -> Unsharp Mask. Sharpen need to make our photo subject stand out.



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